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New toys!

We've recently added to our hire stock: A GoPro HD Hero 2 action camera - a great piece of kit for filming all sorts of things, but it's ideal for attaching to things like cars, bikes or even yourself, to get fantastic shots from interesting points of view. It films in full 1920x1080 HD and comes with [...]

New toys!2012-06-10T09:49:31+01:00

Hi-8, VHS and cassette tape conversions

Today we've converted 8x Hi-8 tapes to DVD, 1x VHS tape to DVD and 1x cassette tape to CD, all with personalised high quality printed discs. Next job is to start editing the show we filmed at the Rhoda McGraw Theatre in Woking over the weekend!

Hi-8, VHS and cassette tape conversions2017-09-27T11:40:58+01:00