We had great fun helping out with East Grinstead Project’s ‘Dance in the High Street’, which took place on Sunday 12th July 2015. The event was an afternoon of dancing, street performers and local food sellers, but our job was concentrating on filming and editing the ‘Community Dance’, a 10 minute dance by East Grinstead residents and Urban City, some of whom are professional dancers and some who just wanted to do it for fun, in front on a public audience of around 350 people.

We spent many hours in rehearsals planning and setting up the best camera angles for each part of the track – we had a bunch of fantastic camera operators who all did an excellent job of capturing the action. In the end, we used 10 cameras including:

  • 5 static cameras
  • 2 mobile cameras
  • 3 GoPro cameras (including one 24ft in the air!)

The video took around 5 days to edit using Final Cut Pro, and we also threw together a short animated intro using Motion. A longer video with highlight from the rest of the afternoon is in production and will be made public in a few weeks! We are extremely proud to be part of this fantastic event! 😀

Dance in the High Street Title Screen

Dance in the High Street Edit