Using professional equipment (not cheap off-the-shelf slide scanners found in some gadget magazines!) we can take your 35mm slides (positive or negative), negative strips, photographs or transparencies and convert to most digital formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or TIFF image files.

We can convert:

  • 35mm slides (mounted or unmounted, positive and negative)
  • 35mm negatives
  • Photographs
  • Transparencies

to digital images.

Our scanner has built in enhancement features to ensure your scanned images are the best they can be. We can also edit scanned images to remove unwanted scratches, smudges and other defects, and crop, straighten and colour correct as necessary. Alternatively, if you have some old photographs you want scanned; this is something else we can do, applying the same image correction methods as we do for slides.

Unless otherwise specified, scanned images are normally supplied as .jpg files at 2400dpi resolution on CD or DVD in a clam shell style case.


Item Per… Price
35mm Slides per slide 35p
35mm Negative per negative 35p
Photographs (up to A4 size) per photograph 45p
Transparencies (up to A4 size) per transparency 45p


Please note: there is a minimum charge of £20.00 per scanning job

All scanning includes basic enhancement if required. More advanced editing work will incur an additional charge. Please get in touch for more info!

Some examples of 35mm slides we have scanned and converted to digital.