There are many (probably hundreds) of companies on the web who offer video to DVD transfers – on first glance, many appear cheaper than us, but more often than not there are many surprise charges. Here are some reasons why we just might be one of the cheapest around!

  • We don’t charge per hour or half hour of footage to be transferred, we have just one price for the whole tape.
  • If we have to split the video over multiple DVDs, we don’t charge for this.
  • We don’t charge for adding simple titles to the start of your video.
  • We don’t charge return postage on top of what we quote for the transfer. This is already included in the price.
  • We don’t charge a different price depending on the type of tape you have, it’s the same price no matter what type of tape you send us.
  • We don’t charge extra for returning your tapes.

Just because our prices are lower, doesn’t mean you are getting any less of a service. In fact, we pride ourselves in ensuring every video transfer is the best it can be!

  • All transfers are done ‘by hand’ – we set the transfer going manually and check it’s going smoothly throughout.
  • We reduce any wobbling of the picture that can occur with VHS tapes, and make the edges of the image sharp.
  • If your recording is in mono (audio only coming out of one speaker) we’ll make it stereo.
  • We automatically insert chapter points throughout the DVD.
  • We chop out any blank video from the start, end and middle of the tape.
  • After we burn the video to DVD, we print a title directly onto the disc itself, so you know what is on it.

So what do we charge? It’s just £12.00 per tape. That’s it. Just fill out our handy order form, pop your tapes in the post, and we’ll do the rest!