Give your old recordings a new lease of life by having them converted to a digital format. Old analogue tapes and vinyl eventually wear out, and once they have worn out, there is no way of getting them back. Don’t let this happen to you – get them converted today!

We can convert vinyl records and cassette tapes to CD, DVD, Minidisc or most digital formats like MP3 and WAV etc. With tape and vinyl transfers, we can run the audio through filters to remove any unwanted noise, pops, clicks etc. Or, leave it completely untouched. It’s up to you!

We can also convert between CD, DVD, Minidisc and computer based formats, depending on your requirements.


Our pricing is very simple. We charge just £10.00 per item to be transferred. Just post us your media and let us know what format you want it converted to and we’ll do the rest. We even pay the return postage. If you want additional copies of your converted media, these are charged at just £3.00 each.

For small orders, we can usually have your media posted back to you in just a couple of days.

If you have a more complex request, we are more than happy to discuss your options. Get in touch for more information!