One of our specialities is filming and producing DVDs, Blu-ray discs and Digital Downloads of your dance show. We use two professional Panasonic 4k video cameras to capture the action and record stage audio using broadcast quality microphones, as well as taking a feed from the in-house sound desk where possible.

Our standard and most popular filming package is a two camera set up – one static wide shot covering the whole stage, and one operator controlled close up, making sure everyone involved in the performance gets some screen time!

Once we’ve done the filming and editing, we design and print DVD and Blu-ray inlay sleeves to match your show graphics, as well as printing corresponding images and text directly onto the surface of the discs, giving a professional finish.

Customers can also purchase videos of their performances using our Digital Download service – a high definition cross-platform video file can be downloaded as soon as the editing process is complete. Digital Downloads are compatible with many devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, PC, Android devices and many modern Smart TVs.

All production from editing to final disc burning is done in house by our own team, ensuring we can maintain the highest quality for your production.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients including:

  • Lucy Robins School of Dance
  • Angel Productions
  • Aerodance
  • SLH Dance Academy
  • VBDance

to name just a few.


We don’t charge for filming – our fee is recouped from the sale of DVDs, Blu-rays and downloads. Once editing has finished and the product is ready, we will ship you all the orders for you to distribute and invoice you for the total amount. You then have the option of adding your own commission too!

For standard show filming using our two camera set up, there is a minimum sale quantity of 25 DVDs at £18.00 each. The more DVDs you initially order, the price per DVD goes down. This pricing model means that you as a dance company, won’t have to pay a large sum of money for our services, making the decision to have your performance filmed an easy one to make! Please see the table below for a more detailed breakdown of prices.

Quantity Price Each
25 DVDs (minimum quantity) £18.00
26-50 DVDs £17.00
51-75 DVDs £16.00
76-100 DVDs £15.00
101+ DVDs £14.00

We can also supply a PDF order form if required. An additional travel fee may be incurred if your venue falls outside of our usual catchment area.

For more information, to check our availability, or to discuss prices, please get in touch!

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